Knowing and understanding your students

I found an resource that outlines 7 ways to understand and know your students. The first thing that the author mentions to know your students is to talk to them. The second way is to observe them, the third way is to look at past school records and IEP’s, the fourth is to give students a survey that asks them questions about themselves. The fifth way is to get involved in extra curricular activities, the sixth way is feature a student week of the week on the bulletin board, and the final way is to use icebreaker games.  This resource includes the icebreaker activity, as well as student and parent surveys. This artifact ties into Week  3, focus on knowing your students, as it describes the 7 different ways that you can understand and get to know your students better. I will definitely refer to this resource in my own classroom to get to know my students as well as allow students to get to know other students.


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